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Why Train Your Dog With Us?


These courses are designed to produce results. Created by TJ Smith, a professional service dog trainer with over 20 years of experience. We are just as passionate when providing you results as you are passionate about having a well trained service dog to help improve your the quality of your life.

Recognized In All 50 states

Regardless of where you live, if you qualify for a service animal (have a physical or psychological disability) and your dog passes our course, then you will receive all the service animal benefits and rights.


Our online service dog training is 95% cheaper than in person training sessions and proven effective. These are the same service dog training lessons that used to cost upwards of $25,000 for in person training sessions.

Meets Airline & Housing Requirements

Yes, once your dog passes the appropriate training protocols from these courses they will qualify to fly in the cabin of a plane for free and will be exempt from pet deposits and pet rent.



Click On The Course That’s Right For you

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documentation package

Archival Documentation Package

Included with every course is your documentation package:

  • Your personalized certificate
  • Official handout cards
  • Entry in our online database of service dogs, which can be instantly searched by airlines and landlords.

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Can Service Dogs Fly In The Cabin?



Service Dogs Saving You The Big Bucks

No Pet Deposit

Save $500

No Pet Rent

Save $50 per month

No Airline Pet Fee

Save $125 per flight

No Doggy Daycare

Save $25 per day

Save Hundreds Per Year

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Who Qualifies For A Service Dog?

Any individual receiving assistance from a dog that performs a task directly related to a physical or psychological condition may qualify for a Service Animal.

We specialize in helping you with these training categories and disabilities:

✓ Public Access Training
✓ Diabetes
✓ Autism
✓ Panic Attacks
✓ Psychiatric Service Dogs

Here are a few examples of working tasks that can be helpful:

✓ Diabetic Alert
✓ Alerting the hearing impaired
✓ Grounding skills for Autism
✓ Retrieving medical items
✓ Providing physical support
✓ Interrupting harmful behaviors

Yes, Your Dog Can Qualify!

✓ No Breed, Size or Weight Restriction
✓ Use our courses to train your dog to behave in public and to be under control of handler
✓ Use our courses to train your dog to perform working tasks
✓ Dog must be up to date with all vaccinations
✓ Temperament must be non-disruptive to the general public




Service Dog Benefits


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