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Certify my service dog using the public access test. Service Dog Certification and Verification. Sign up for a service dog training consultation over the phone or in Idaho.


Service Dogs improve the quality of people's lives. Companion Training specializes in training Service Dogs of the following categories: Diabetic Alert Dogs, PTSD Dogs, Mobility Dogs, as well as Service Dogs for Children with Autism.

We offer Service Dog training for a variety of people all across the country. Located in Boise, Idaho since 1997, we offer a variety of services as well. You can customize your training program by choosing a combination of training options: Board and Train, Private Lessons, Online Coaching, and our Service Dog Training DVD.

Companion Training offers the Gold Standard in Service Dog certification. We utilize the official 3-Phase Public Access Test® to certify your working Service Dog. Not only do we certify the dogs we personally train, we are also unique in the industry because we test and certify Owner Trained Service Dogs as well. Annual recertification and registration is provided.

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