Have a Service Dog Trained For You

Have a Service Dog custom trained by our trainers.


This has always been one of our most popular options. Enjoy utilizing our custom Board & Train program in combination with personalized private lessons with you, the handler.

Get a service dog trained for diabetic alert.

  • Our Service Dog trainers have “been there, done that”, use our experience to successfully get a Service Dog trained for you.
  • This is also a great option for people who are physically unable to attempt the training themselves.
  • We have years of advanced training knowledge that helps us navigate through exactly what your dog needs to accomplish their Service Dog training and graduation.
  • Service Dog training is the pinnacle of achievements in the dog-training world. It takes a lot of time, experience and consistent effort to achieve the goal of a well-trained Service Dog.


Companion Training can help step you through any or all of the following steps


  • Choosing whether to start with an existing dog, a puppy or a rescue dog.
  • Choosing the right dog. Breed, Size, Age, Energy Level & Temperament.
  • Advanced Puppy Development Training.
  • Basic & Advanced Obedience specifically designed for Service Dogs.
  • Service Dog – Specialty Skills Training
  • Public Access Conditioning & Training
  • Taking & Graduating the official Public Access Test ®
  • Handler training thoroughly teaching you how to handle your Service Dog’s training.
  • Plus all of the appropriate steps to properly progress your dog through Service Dog training.
  • Registering your certified Service Dog into our online registry for business owners to verify your dogs certification status.

Get started by scheduling a private one-on-one consultation to create a game plan designed around your specific needs.


Schedule a Consultation


The consultation will figure out all of the logistics of your tailored program. This will help determine the length of your program & the cost. We are dedicated to going above and beyond for our clients, dedicating enormous amounts of time and energy into producing outstanding results. This is our Platinum offering, that we can only make room for a special few dogs per year. The average cost of this program ranges between $25,000 – $45,000