Private Coaching Center

Private Coaching Center

Your membership includes 2 private coaching sessions per month!

How it Works:


Use your phone or a digital camcorder and film a short demonstration of anything you’d like help with. It’s best if you keep your video between 2 and 5 minutes long.

Make sure you include your full name and a description of what you’d like coached on. Film your video with plenty of soft light so we can clearly analyze the footage.


Companion Training uses YouTube’s private section to provide industry leading one-on-one private coaching. It’s easiest to use if you film your demonstration with a smart phone, upload your video using the official YouTube app, and share it with:

We’ll receive your video and take care of the rest!

Receive Coaching

Give us about a week to analyze your video and provide appropriate coaching and feedback. Our coaching may be supplied through a video or a message.

We may ask you if we can publish your question along with our response to help other members. We will never publish your personal footage without your consent!