Diabetic Alert Dog Training: The DVD 4



Cutting edge techniques to train diabetic alert dogs!

  • Determine Blood Sugar Levels
  • Collect and store scent samples
  • Pavlovian Conditioning
  • Choose the alerting behavior
  • Teach “The Nudge”
  • Building a high frustration tolerance
  • Generalization
  • Maintenance

UPDATE: This video training is now available through Instant Online viewing instead of the older DVD version. Your videos will be provided through the Vimeo video streaming services.


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Discover the step-by-step process of how to train a dog to detect & alert to diabetic blood sugar swings. This video discusses the key foundation training steps of:

  • How dogs detect diabetic blood sugar swings in people.
  • How to train a dog to detect targeted blood sugar levels.
  • How to train a dog to alert you when a swing in blood sugar has been detected.

Additional clips discuss topics such as Night Alerts, Car Alerts, Building Frustration Tolerance, Generalization and How to differentiate your dogs training to alert to both High & Low blood sugar levels. Get your copy of “Diabetic Alert Dog Training: The DVD” today!

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4 replies to “Diabetic Alert Dog Training: The DVD

  • Jen Burchard

    Thanks T.J. for recommending this DVD. You were right it was all I needed to finish things up with Dakota. She is now alerting to my lows.

  • Mary Woods

    I’ve got to be honest when you guys first told me to get this dvd I thought it was way too much money. I’m on a fixed income and to pay that much for a dvd is impossible. When my friend told me he would pay for it for me I was so lucky. I’m still working with Shasta and shes not perfect yet. Shes definitely alerting me now when my sugar drops. Shes not waking me up at night tho but she is a deep sleeper like me. The trainng works I just need to practice more with her. When I got your email asking if id be willing to write about my experience I wanted to let people know this training works! I don’t know how long its going to take but Ive beenpracticing for 3 weeks now. It only took 1 week until Shasta was alerting me. I’ll keep you posted how shes doing in a couple weeks. The training works.

  • Sheryl Fernandez, LCP

    Great DVD! It takes you through all of the steps to train your dog to alert you to your blood sugar swings. The sequence is easy to follow and the training steps make perfect sense. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone that needs to train their D.A.D (Diabetic Alert Dog).

  • Christy Gunderson

    Training my own diabetic alert dog using this DVD was well worth the effort. It was way more work than I realized it was going to be, well worth it though. The quality of the video was not exactly a Hollywood production. The steps were easy to follow and work well, which was all that really matters.

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