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  • Amanda
    04:19 24 Jan 18
    I have had the opportunity to work with TJ for the past two years. He helped me navigate the entire process of finding a puppy that would meet my daughters needs, create goals and set up a plan for training. This was our first time raising a puppy and TJ was so helpful answering all of my questions and helping with puppy training. TJ has done a wonderful job helping me train a service dog for my special needs daughter. He truly cares about his clients!read more
    Kylee Miller
    Kylee Miller
    21:29 07 Sep 17
    Tj has been my life saver. He has helped me through the entire process of finding a service dog prospect, to training him with me, and today, my service dog has graduated! I wouldn't have chosen any one else to go on this journey with me. Tj is seriously the best there is. He truly cares about your success and helping you through your struggles. I am so thankful beyond more
    Jen J
    Jen J
    04:30 18 Feb 17
    It's a privilege to recommend TJ with Companion Training. TJ has been instrumental in providing expert instruction and training for our pup to become a service dog. TJ is always dependable and provides uninterrupted teaching time. He has always been available for help or questions and provides invaluable ideas and resources beyond our expectations. He has a sincere heart and truly cares about providing my son and others with a lifelong companion who can meet their specific more
    Christy Gunderson
    Christy Gunderson
    07:22 20 Mar 14
    Working with Companion Training was a total blessing in my life. I needed a Diabetic Alert Dog and fortunately my doctor recommended Companion Training to me. They helped me train my dog Gigi to become my Diabetic Alert Dog. I would highly recommend them. They were always professional and helped me every step of the way. Training Gigi has made a huge difference in my life! I owe a big thanks to Companion Training for all of their help and guidance. If you need a Service Dog trainer I would advise you to contact Companion Training and talk to TJ!read more
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Kind Words

“This is where I got my 1.5 year old dog Stitch trained. He used to run through my neighborhood and not come to me when I called him. I did 8 lessons with Sandra and now he easily comes to me, even if there are distractions around. I also taught him how to stay and not jump on people. I had never been to dog training before, but I am so glad I did it. It’s made a huge difference. I recommend the dog trainers at Companion Training to anyone who has a dog in Boise. These people are good at what they do.”

“Everyone at Companion Training was very helpful. My dog Callie had trouble barking excessively at other dogs while I was out on our walks. It was so embarrassing and getting to the point where I didn’t want to go out into public with her anymore. Within 4 lessons, T.J. and Dawn had shown me how what I was doing was actually causing the problem to get worse. We worked through why she was doing it and then how to properly address the situation. I listened to what they told me and practiced every day. Now I’m back to walking Callie without the outbreaks. I want to thank T.J. and Dawn personally for this experience, I’m now back to enjoying my walks. Thanks you guys!”
Martha Smith

“I just want to say thank you. I know that we have not had Walter for long, a mere 4 months… but the change in both Walter and my son Shae is, well, I consider it nothing short of a miracle. You guys took on a huge task, an Autistic boy and a dog he picked out, and I asked you to train them to be a team. When we got Walter, he wouldn’t even load in the van, and now he is a constant companion. I know he is not yet certified, but still, the wonders that have occurred! My son’s anxiety has diminished to a point that he feels confident to speak to people, and go places that he has never enjoyed. One of Walter’s assets is to give my son the ability to think of someone other than himself, which has previously been one of my son’s major weaknesses. He is taking responsibility for someone other than himself and puts Walters’s needs before his own. From the beginning, Walter has had to endure long days of training service dog work, from Doctor’s appointment to therapy to dinner to basketball game, and for the most part does extraordinarily well, considering the short time we have been training with you. He has been to a dentist office, sleep specialist, therapist, tutor, physician, basketball practice, basketball games, MSTI, grocery stores, pharmacies, cell phone stores, malls, restaurants, Sports Authority, Gamestop, the YMCA, (and more), and been to these places multiple times. He has eased my son’s anxiety which allows him to speak more freely, as anxiety causes him to lose his words. Karen, who is our trainer, is helping Walter become the dog that Shae needs. They are both progressing rapidly, and honestly more than I ever thought possible. Karen is amazing with Shae, Walter as well as myself, as I am currently in charge of home training. I know we are unconventional, and Walter’s training is a little unconventional, but Karen adjusted the training to meet the needs of my child. I can’t wait to see what Shae and Walter can become together. Your company and my family have united for a single goal, helping Shae help himself with Walters’s assistance. How amazing to not only find a trainer, but a company that engages, and invests in the success of its clients. I consider Karen and Companion Training to be as crucial to Shae’s success as any other part of his team of doctors and therapists, maybe even more as Walter is the 24/7 element in his therapy. Your company has been available after hours for questions and met us at the places my son goes, to work on honing Walters’s skillset. Karen deals with Shae’s inability to focus for long periods of time without becoming frustrated, and refuses to give up on getting Walter certified. It is a long and tedious process, and she is always happy and enthused to train us all. Thank you seems so little a reward for the job you are doing, that’s why I am writing you this letter, and enclosing these photos, so you can share in our success. Your company is truly a miracle for my boy and his dog.
Christina Todd

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