Service Dog Certificate

Where to get my dog certified as a service dog.

Your Service Dog Certificate (SM) is the gold standard testing achievement within the Service Dog industry. You and your canine companion will be certified together as a working team, demonstrating a Service Dog’s level of proper social etiquette and public safety.

A qualified evaluator will help you through all of the mandatory testing requirements.


  • Your dog’s veterinarian records showing up to date vaccinations as well as a recent health certificate.
  • A note from your doctor prescribing a need for a service animal.
  • Both you and your dog must successfully pass a Level 1 Public Access Test®, as well as a Level 2 Public Access Test®.
  • Your dog must successfully perform tasks specific to your disability, in accordance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

Upon Graduation You Receive:

  1. Service Dog Certificate(SM).
  2. The evaluator will register you & your dog into the Companion Training registry.
  3. A unique ID number for business owners to verify your service dog’s authenticity.
  4. Identification cape, patches and handout cards.