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Service Dog Training Options

Companion Training offers Service Dog training in Boise, Idaho. We also help people with their Service Dog needs from all across the country.

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Assistance Dog Service dogs for children with autism
Service Dogs For Children with Autism
Psychiatric Service Dogs / PTSD
Diabetic Alert Dogs
Mobility Dog
Hearing Alert
Tailored Program

Assistance Dog:


Service dogs help by reducing reliance on other people to perform tasks that you may have difficulty performing yourself. These dogs are trained to perform physical tasks such as pulling a wheelchair, retrieving dropped objects, opening doors and drawers and flipping switches for lights or automatic doors. Unconditional love 24 hours a day, greater independence, increased confidence and social interaction. Beyond performing tasks that their handlers cannot do themselves, assistance dogs open up a world of joy that is best described as a ”pure blessing“. Service dogs assist people who have health challenges such as mobility impairments, chronic fatigue issues, balance problems and many other health challenges. Please notice we do not use the word ”disabled“. We train assistance dogs to help people improve their ”abilities“ not focus on disabilities. In fact our motto is ”Choose ability, not disability“!  assistance dog

Service Dogs for Children with Autism:


Companion Training specializes in training service dogs for children with autism and other developmental challenges. Each program is tailored to the child’s needs. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation so we can customize a training program for you. Service Dogs for Children with Autism

Psychiatric Service Dogs / PTSD


One of our passions here at Companion Training is helping our veterans who live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We have a special program that utilizes our Residency Program and private lessons to provide you with a Service Dog that is trained to go everywhere you want them to go. These dogs are specially trained to each individual’s specific needs. These Service Dogs also assist people who suffer with depression. Did you know that it is a proven fact that PTSD dogs can lower blood pressure and improve a persons overall physical & mental health. These well trained PTSD dogs can help adjust serotonin levels, not to mention motivate people to get out on walks with their dogs. Special skills can be taught, such as allowing the veteran to remain calm by having the dog prevent people from crowding around or rushing up behind you in public places, thus providing a comfortable space for the vet. The specially trained tasks, physical exercise and calming effects these dogs provide can really make a big difference in your life.  PTSD Dogs

Diabetic Alert Dogs:


Diabetic Alert Dogs provide an increased level of independence & security through early detection of swings in blood sugar levels. Early detection allows for tighter blood sugar control, which in return dramatically improves a persons health & well being.This advanced warning detection can help Diabetics prevent the suffering consequences of prolonged highs or life threatening lows. The advanced training your Diabetic Alert Dog receives through Companion Training® is tailored specifically to your unique needs.

  • You have the option to have your dog trained for public access if you prefer having your dog with you 24hrs a day.
  • Your handler training is done through private one-on-one sessions. This private approach allows you to master your handler skills in a very comfortable setting, providing you the confidence to handle & maintain your dogs training for the years to come.
  • Companion Training utilizes the official Public Access Test® to prepare your dog for public work and Service Dog Certification if you would like your dog to work in public with you.

Mobility Dogs:


These dogs help people with balance issues. They brace their handler while they stand, help them get up from a chair or get up from a fall. These Mobility dogs are also known to retrieve items such as phones, medications or dropped items, help people take their socks off, open doors & much more.  mobility dogs

Hearing Alert Dogs:


These are specially trained service dogs that alert their guardians to important noises. People with hearing impairment enjoy the safety and comfort these Hearing Alert service dogs provide for them. Alerting their owners to smoke alarms, security alarms, doorbells, oven timers, baby’s crying, and any other important sound that needs to be trained.  hearing alert dogs

Tailored Program:

Contact us to discuss your needs. We may be able to design a program specifically for your requirements.



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