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Discover the quick and easy way to service dog training that is convenient, helpful and saves you money compared to traditional options! This video series is a library of efficient video training lessons that can be instantly accessed from the convenience of your computer or smart phone.

If you are looking for a time proven service dog-training program at an excellent value for money, then this is the solution. With us, you get the best dog training experts right in your home, or in the palm of your hand when you use your mobile device.

Yes, your dog will be registered into our online registry. Yes, your dog will receive it’s graduation Certification and Handout Cards for airlines, landlords and anywhere else that needs to verify that you are training your qualified Service Dog.

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It’s fun & rewarding. There are several benefits to private lessons. First, these lessons are personally tailored around your specific goals. Second, You get 100% of the trainer’s attention: it is just you, your trainer and your dog. Individual training takes you step-by-step through the process of training your own dog. At your pace & around your schedule!

Finally, private one-on-one lessons are ideal for people who are incredibly results driven. Imagine having your dog perform the specific skills that you need them to perform, in the exact manner in which you and your trainer designed. It all starts by contacting us today for your initial consultation. Private lesson are offered through Zoom Coaching in the convenience of your own home.

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