The Art of Service Dog Training

The Art of Service Dog Training℠

The Art of Service Dog Training℠ is an apprenticeship program that teaches you how to become a Service Dog trainer.

Are you a dog lover who wants to learn how to train Service Dogs for people in need?

Are you a person that wants to passionately improve the quality of other people’s lives through Service Dog training?

“The career of a professional Service Dog trainer is one of passion and meaning. The hard work, dedication and focus needed to master the skills of a professional Service Dog trainer must be accompanied by the persons drive and desire to design a purpose driven career for themselves.”
T.J. Smith

If you honestly answered “yes” to the questions above and you feel that you are ready to dedicate yourself to learning how to train Service Dogs, then please continue reading.

The founder of Companion Training will be personally offering a rare apprenticeship opportunity to a select few applicants. The Art of Service Dog Training℠ is a unique apprenticeship program that reveals the specialized training techniques that create Service Dog performance. Your instructor will personally coach you through a hands on training program that will have you training Service Dogs, from puppy development – all the way through to graduating a fully trained Service Dog.

The purpose of this rare apprenticeship opportunity is to reveal to a select few people the secrets behind training Service Dogs. This is a purpose driven mission to make Service Dog availability a little more accessible worldwide, while providing massive transformational value to both the apprentice and the Service Dog recipients.

CSDT – Certified Service Dog Trainer

A “Learning By Doing” Service Dog Training Program.

Hands-On Experience Makes Learning Effective and Fun.

Personal Mentoring / Apprenticeship

Exclusive Private Coaching

Learn all of the ins & outs of testing a dog through all 2 levels of a Public Access Test®

Become a Certified Evaluator for the Public Access Test®

This course also includes our exclusive online video course titled: The Art of Service Dog Training

CSDT – Certified Service Dog Trainer

How Certification will Advance Your Career

Gain invaluable confidence in your skills, knowing that you have been certified by your own personal accomplishments through out this process. This elite certification is not just handed out, it is earned!

Your clients need to know that you are qualified to meet their needs. Successfully accomplishing your CSDT demonstrates your level of mastery in the Service Dog field.

Gain respect from key partners such as veterinarians, pet dog trainers, and other local pet professionals in your area. Having the qualifications of a Certified Service Dog Trainer opens the doors to start these referral relationships.

Your advertising will stand apart (your resume will, too) when you add your Certified Service Dog Trainer seal, CSDT Title, and Diploma.

You stand apart from the competition when you are a CSDT

Help more clients. People need a quality result when it comes to choosing their Service Dog trainer. Your certification helps them know that you are proficient in your abilities to truly help them with their needs.

Service Dog Trainer Graduation Requirements

1. All graduates must successfully pass a dog successfully through a Level 2 Public Access Test® within a 12 month period.

2. Graduates must be able to show proficient knowledge of the Public access Test® Levels 1 & 2. Each Graduate will understand thoroughly each level of producing these irreplaceable gold standards.

Tuition: $7,000

If you are interested in changing people’s lives by training Service Dogs for them, then fill in the form below and we will contact you when the next enrollment opportunity becomes available.