Volunteer Opportunities

Donate your time, talents and special skills for Service Dogs and the people who need them.

Puppy Raising
Breeder Caretakers
Rescued Dog Raising
Fund Raising


Send in this form and we will notify you when the next volunteer opportunity is available. We look forward to having you be a part of our team.

Puppy Raising Program:

Puppy raising is a fantastic opportunity for dog lovers who are passionate about helping change other peoples lives through the companionship of a Service Dog.

Many people are physically unable to raise & care for a young puppy. Let alone socialize her and train basic social etiquette skills too. After all, it is a very important & energy demanding job. This is where you as a puppy raiser come in. You can help change the life of another human being, by raising a puppy for them.

If you love to put your heart into developing puppies into their fullest potential, then puppy raising may the perfect volunteer opportunity for you. The puppies here at Companion Training are precious to each and every one of us. We all do this work in order to help improve other peoples lives. With the limited amount of puppies we have each year, there is no room for error or dedication in this volunteer work.

If you feel as though you are ready and in a good place in your life to take on the responsibility of raising a puppy to it’s fullest potential. Please fill in the form on this page so that we can contact you when the next puppy raising position needs filled. Thank you

Breeder Caretakers:

Breeder Caretakers are the wonderful people whom raise and care for the breeding dogs in our program. This is one of the most important volunteer aspects of our program. Volunteer breeder caretakers are a diverse group of people ranging from stay-at-home moms, working professionals to retirees, all of whom receive extensive support from Companion Training.

Being a volunteer Breeder with Companion Training is all about serving a purpose. These dogs are the “best of the best” and they need to be cared after accordingly. The dog you care for is the foundation to our imperative breeding program.

Be a Breeder Caretaker

  • Live within 30 miles of Companion Training in Boise, ID
  • Work closely with Companion Training’s recommended training & veterinary staff.
  • Caretakers for male breeders bring the dog to Companion Training at breeding time.
  • Caretakers for female breeders whelp and nurture the litters during the first 8 weeks of life.

About our Elite Breeding Dogs:

Our elite breeding dogs and their offspring are the foundation of our puppy-raising program. We carefully select and breed very special Golden Retrievers with the rare genetic traits that we are looking for in an outstanding Service Companion.

Our staff monitors each dog’s temperament, trainability, health, physical attributes and littermate trends of every dog. Only then are the most elite chosen as a Companion Training breeding dog.

If you are interested in becoming part of our elite breeding team. Please fill in the form oat the top of this page so that we can contact you when the next opportunity becomes available.

Rescued Dog Raising:

Help 2 lives at once! This program rescues dogs from euthanasia while also changing peoples lives with a Service Dog.

Often times we will rescue a shelter animal and train them for people in need of a Service Animal. We have done this for many years and love the fact that we are both rescuing great dogs that need a loving home, while at the same time changing a persons life with a Service Dog.

With that being said. There are many reasons why this is a unique approach in the Service Dog industry. One of the primary challenges in this approach is that it takes a very special dog to actually graduate as a qualified working Service Dog. Another way to put it is, not every dog will graduate.

The roll of the volunteer is to care after the adopted foster dog and do basic obedience training and real world socialization with the dog. Through out the process, reporting all of the ups and downs about the dogs personality traits, temperament, health and training progress. This is a very important role which allows us to know which dogs have what it takes to move on into our Service Dog training program and which dogs will need to be placed outside of the working dog program.

For the volunteer. This is always a rewarding experience. Raising and training a foster dog for a few months always leads to one of 2 great choices. These adopted dogs are either placed into Service Dog homes where they are the hero in that home and taken care of impeccably, or the plan B is where the dogs are placed in regular loving homes and are still given a great life to live.

Fund Raising:

As a fund raising volunteer, it is just like it sounds. You will use your talents to assist people who are financially unable to afford a Service Dog. Your efforts will go towards sourcing funds and helping the families secure the financial challenges that may be standing in their way of a life changing Service Dog.