Is a service dog right for your child?

Service Dogs that help with autism, diabetes and even anxiety disorders can be incredibly life changing. But how do you know if a Service Dog is right for your child? The answer to this question definitely takes some soul searching and lots of research.

As a Service Dog specialist, it has been inspiring to see the benefits that my clients have experienced in incorporating a Service Dog into their lives.

I’ve seen teenagers on the spectrum make great strides in their communication barriers; I’ve seen the calming results of a young child having the pressure therapy of their dog while in a hospital setting. Some of the main reasons these dogs make such a difference is the intense partnership that can be formed between the child and the dog.

Here is a very short list of just a few of the benefits a service animal can provide:


  • Calming Effect
  • Emotional Anchor
  • Increased Social Interaction
  • Reduced Problem Behaviors
  • Often times, Service Dogs can assist in calming down a meltdown
  • Interruption of self-harm
  • Tethering & Search & Rescue skills


  • Dogs are known to be able to detect blood sugar swings even when the person is still unaware.
  • Early detection of blood sugar changes allows for the person to regulate their blood sugar before a life-threatening situation occurs.

Anxiety & Social Disorders:

  • Redirection from self harm
  • Often time’s children can develop confidence in helping develop and train their own Service dog.
  • Their dog can help bridge the social gap in social settings
  • Preventing Anxiety attacks and meltdowns
  • Continue functioning in situations that would generally be over stimulating.
  • Help with sensory overload

One of the most overlooked benefits of Service Dogs is the improvement to family dynamics, reduced family stress and the therapeutic benefits to both the child as well as the parents.

As you are researching the benefits to whether a Service Dog is right for your family. The best advice I can give you is to find a highly experienced Service Dog Specialist to consult with. Take the time to sit down and have a meeting with the specialist to discuss the pros and cons to getting a Service Dog. Your specialist will help you assess whether a Service Dog will be helpful in your unique situation. This is one of those categories in life where experience cannot be overlooked. The name of the game is quality results; otherwise what could have been a monumental lifestyle improvement can turn into a horrendous mess.

If you have read through this article then you are definitely dedicated to finding the best solutions to help your family. As a Service Dog Specialist in Boise, Idaho I can help you map out the game plan on how to get the perfect Service Dog for your needs. Simply contact us when you’re ready to take the next step.


T.J. Smith

Service Dog Specialist

Boise, Idaho

Test Name – Donation Family

Service Dogs for Children with Autism

Make a donation to the test family, to help them train a dog for their child (name) with autism. This family works in Boise, Idaho and needs a little help to pay for the training of their service dog.

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