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Personal Consultation

  • 1- One on One, 30-60 Minute Consultation
  • This can be useful in having a professional help evaluate your dogs current behavior and discuss training options to help you prepare for taking the Public Access Test ®

Was $120 – Today’s Price $75

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Take the Tests

  • 1-Consultation & Level 1 Test/Evaluation Session

Minimum Level 2 Testing Sessions Needed:

  • 1-Test at a Mall & Restauraunt
  • 1-Test in a Grocery Store

Coach’s Compensation – $300

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What Happens Next?

Upon graduation you will have the needed Level 2 Public Access Test ® completed to apply towards your Companion Training Service Dog Certification & Registry:

  • Receive a Graduation Certificate
  • Receive a unique 5 digit ID Number for business owners to verify your dog’s Service Dog status
  • 25 – Hand out cards to help with public access challenges.