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Service Dogs and Boise, Idaho go hand and hand thanks to Companion Training. Did you know that Companion Training has been training highly skilled Service Dogs locally since 1997?  Boise is such an amazing place to live, play and work. Everyone here at Companion Training absolutely loves serving our community here in Idaho.

Over the years we have mastered and specialized in many different categories. Of service dog training. Because we are passionate about helping improve people’s lives, we have developed techniques and systems in producing the most amazing Mobility Dogs, Psychiatric Service Dogs, Diabetic Alert Dogs and Service Dogs for Children on the spectrum.

  • Service Dogs for children on the spectrum – It takes a very specialized Service Dog Expert to be able to successfully help with this category of Service Dog Training. Fortunately Boise, ID is home to Companion Training if someone is need of  a Service Dog for a child on the spectrum.
  • Psychiatric Service Dogs  – These dogs can be very helpful to people with depression, anxiety, PTSD and many other challenges.
  • Mobility Dogs – Whether it’s from M.S., spine injuries, brain injuries, knee and joint problems, etc.… If for any reason a person is having mobility issues and need a Service Dog trained for them. We can help! Service Dogs can help in so many different ways for people who are living with mobility challenges.

Although we could go on and on about the Service Dog categories that we love to train, this article could become a bit long to read. After specializing in Service Dog training for so many years, the fact is that we can help with most any goal you have for your own Service Dog needs. Simply call us and set up a consultation and we can help tailor everything to your specific needs. Let us help you with our years of experience. If suitable, we can help you choose the breed and training plan that will excel far beyond your expectations. We look forward to helping more friends in Boise and the surrounding areas of Idaho.


Service Dogs for Autism

Service Dog in Boise, ID


T.J. Smith

Service Dog Specialist

Boise, ID

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